Ice Spice Accused Of Copyright Infringement Over Her Hit Song “In Ha Mood”

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New York musician Duval “D.Chamberz” Chamberlain and beatmaker Kenley “Kass the Producer” Carmenate filed a lawsuit against Ice Spice on Wednesday (Jan. 17) for alleged copyright infringement.

The suit claimed Ice Spice’s 2023 hit “In Ha Mood” bore striking similarities to their 2022 song “In That Mood.” The 21-page complaint also detailed accusations that she and her producer, Riot, replicated the latter’s title, hook, chorus, phrasing and tempo without authorization or acknowledgment.

According to Rolling Stone, Chamberlain and Carmenate said they created “In That Mood” prior to it being teased in an Aug. 8, 2021 Instagram post by the former. The track later debuted as a single in early 2022 and was subsequently included in the rapper’s album, Boom Bap 2 Drill Rap, that same year. He asserted that the record was performed publicly over 30 times across New York and other states.

“Upon information and belief, Ice Spice, Riot, and/or members of their creative teams were present for certain public performances of ‘In That Mood’ during the relevant time period,” the lawsuit alleged. “Furthermore, Plaintiffs are well-known in the rap and Hip Hop community and share a substantial number of undeniable connections with Defendants.”

TMZ reported that Chamberlain and Carmenate seek at least half of the publishing rights, additional revenue and damages. Additionally, the complaint suggested that Ice Spice’s team might have encountered “In That Mood” either at live venues in New York or through airplay on HOT 97 radio.

In 2023, Ice Spice put out Like..?, which housed hit songs like “Princess Diana” and “Bikini Bottom.” The deluxe edition boasted a feature from Nicki Minaj in addition to “Deli” and “Butterfly Ku.” She also clinched RIAA Gold certifications, including “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and “In Ha Mood.”

The rapper is slated to release her highly anticipated debut album this year. She teased the new record via Instagram on Jan. 7.


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