Iann Dior – You Don’t Even

iann dior you dont even

The Puerto Rican R&B vocalist is back to quickly follow up his 2023 album, leave me where you found me. Who is the mystery artist? It is iann dior and this new single he is back with is sure to please a lot of his established fanbase. “You Don’t Even,” tells a familiar story about heartbreak and feeling lonely. On the other hand, the girl he is missing deeply does not seem to care about losing iann. The angst he is feeling can be found in the lyrics below.

Some of the other words that exemplify his pain are, “Ain’t been okay since you went away, yeah / Now, every day, it feels like it’s rainin’ / Strangers to lovers, lovers to strangers.” While this is a fine tune, you start to wonder if his sound will ever evolve in some way. While it is good to serve your loyal fans with the type of music you have created a massive following from, is it totally worth it in the end? That could be a question the artist might have to ask himself.

Iann dior certainly is talented, there is no doubt about that. He has been able to create his own niche in a crowded lane of emo rap. According to Genius, his next project, LI$TEN TO THE $ILENCE, appears to be dropping next year sometime. This could be the chance to impress and shock some people and get people really buzzing about him again.


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