iann dior – Live Fast Die Numbiann

idior Live Fast Die Numbiann

iann dior is classified as a hip-hop artist although there is no doubt that he likes to blend genres together. Throughout much of his career, he has dabbled in the world of pop-punk and hard rock, with some help from the likes of Travis Barker. His songs typically have some crunchy guitars and on his latest single “Live Fast Die Numb,” dior certainly takes the sound to the next level.

As you can hear, the track has a mixture of softer and harder parts, all while the lyrics dabble in depression, love, and living life on the edge. dior is as catchy as ever on this effort, and there is no doubt that he continues to improve as a songwriter. Perhaps this new song will even lead to a new album where the pop-punk vibes will be even more plentiful.


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