“I Miss My Parents”: Crayon Goes Emotional


Crayon, who said he left his parent’s house in 2017 and moved to Mavin headquarters, said he had not returned home since then, even though his current residence was just one hour, 30 minutes from theirs.

The Mavin singer added that he still keeps in touch with them, but it has not been easy.

In his words:

“Left my parents house back in 2017 since then I haven’t gone back! It’s not something I’m proud of especially because, it’s just an hour 30mins drive to my parents house! But as a dream chaser wey I be I gat make sacrifices! It’s not easy on me though I miss em so much !❤️ I still keep in touch though it’s not eazy at me I wey I be omo mummy

See his post below:

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