“I Manipulated And Robbed So Many Women” – Jidenna Confesses

Jidenna Women

Jidenna has opened up about rethinking “masculinity”.The Nigerian-American singer said he has realised that he did not treat women well in the past. He said he robbed some women of their baby-baby-making years. He also admitted to manipulating women with words like, “No one is going to love you the way I do.”

In a recent, candid interview with a prominent music magazine, Jidenna has confessed that he has struggled to stay positive in the face of overwhelming fame and fortune. The chart-topping artist, who is best known for his hit single “Classic Man,” opened up about the darker side of fame, and how it has taken a toll on his mental and emotional health.

Jidenna’s candid interview is a reminder that even the most successful people face struggles and hardships. His words serve as a reminder that fame and fortune don’t always come without a price, and that staying positive is key to maintaining a successful career.

He said he dragged the women along while those women built him up.

“Look at me now. And look at them,” he said.

Speaking on how he dragged them along, he said,

“If you were creative, I folded you into my artwork. If you were in my artwork, I would give you a job. I gave you a job, I mastered your life. I gave you a house, food, and everything you need. I protected and provided for you. I did what men are supposed to do.”

He added that he is ashamed of the things he did to women. Watch him speak in the video below:


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