“I Brought 2Face From Benue But He Doesn’t Want To Talk About Me In Interviews ” – Blackface

2baba blackface 1

In a recent interview with The Honest Bunch Podcast, veteran musician Blackface claimed that he brought 2Face from Benue to Lagos and that 2Face’s mother thanked him for associating with her son.

However, Blackface also lamented that today, 2Face seems to be avoiding him and is unwilling to discuss their shared history within the group, Plantashunboiz.

“I brought 2Face from Benue,” Blackface said. “His mother thanked me for associating with him. But today, he doesn’t want to talk about me in interviews. He’s avoiding me.”

Blackface’s claim is not new. He has made it on several occasions in the past, and it has always been met with skepticism by many fans and industry insiders.

Some people believe that Blackface is trying to downplay 2Face’s own role in his success, while others believe that he is simply trying to stay relevant by generating controversy.

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