“How Much Does He Have Sef” – Speedy Darlington Gives Opinion On Mohbad’s Death

mohbad speed.jpg

The unfortunate death of Mohbad has sparked a number of rumors and debates over the circumstances of his passing.

While his father speculated that it might have been an injection that an assistant nurse gave him because he had an ear infection, other theories have emerged that point to the possibility that there may be more to the story.

Speedy Darlington, a comedian and visual artist, has since come forward to offer his thoughts on the subject. Speedy Darlington angrily rejected claims that Juju may have contributed to Mohbad’s demise, labeling them as “primitive,” in response to the rumors.

After Mohbad’s performance, someone told Speedy Darlington that he might have been a victim of voodoo or Juju, Speedy claimed.

However, he expressed his skepticism by pointing out that Juju is typically associated with targeting wealthy individuals, and Mohbad was still a struggling artist.

In his words, he questioned, “How much did the boy have?”


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