Hopsin – Origin Story ft. Future Kingz

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Los Angeles, California-born rap legend Hopsin is back with more new music for this year. In fact, this is his fifth single and the title of it is “Origin Story.” It features Chicago dance and rap group The Future Kingz. They have performed with some of the biggest rap stars in the world such as Chance The Rapper. They team up with another icon in their own right for this brand new song.

Eminem has heavily influenced the career of Hopsin. Over the years, the 38-year-old has penned “Stan-like” tracks of his own in the series of “Ill Mind of Hopsin.” It currently sits at nine songs with the two most popular being the fifth and eighth installments. Each sits at over 88 million streams on Spotify and they detail a lot of issues that have gone on in the rapper’s career. But, Hopsin now adds another storytelling track to his catalog with “Origin Story.”

The track sort of takes us back in time to when Hopsin was trying to become the rapper he is today. The beat is epic, with orchestral-like vocals in the background and a nasty trap beat. Those two genres together make for an epic backdrop to Hopsin’s story of making it big. The Future Kingz also rap about similar things in the second half. All in all, it is another solid offering from Hopsin. He has not released a new album in nearly six years, with No Shame coming out in November of 2017.

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