Here Is What The Fans Are Saying About Gdzilla’s Snippet


Only a week after being signed to Jonzing World Records, Godzilla posts a snippet of his debut single.

Gdzilla, Rema, and Ruger’s latest record label mate dropped a sneak peek at his debut single today on his social media.

Not much is known about Gdzilla until now. The label is keeping his identity under wraps and marketing him as an anonymous artist. This has really raised expectations for what his music will sound like.

In the video he posted, he is still wearing the dinosaur mask, which hides his identity. The song starts off with a now familiar beat pattern, followed by him rapping the verse.

The debut single video immediately started getting reactions from users. Here is what some of them had to say:

I refuse to conclude just yet. -@effizzzyy

You go still reason commot your mask no worry- @G_Ween

I was expecting something extraordinary , with that mask on

I’m disappointed . Dprince , missed with this one- @jabarzee

I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting him to sound this way, D prince just de sign jonzing people to jonzing world-@only1chiefff

This guy is good, would love to see more of him-@Iam_enriched

Make we see the face sha, I don’t want to start liking his songs and the face wouldn’t match later 😂-@Micaiah001

There’s no part of that song that needs all these exaggerated body movements and theatrics. We’ll be listening tho 👍🏾-@dejiimole

I was expecting something supernatural from an extinct creature, but sounded regular,nice song though ❤️-@Exaltekpen

The song actually no bad but the gra gra he’s doing don already pass the song 😂-@HassanSZNN

My question is won’t he fall why performing with this head gear? How will he be able to see? Unless he is gonna put it off after this promo before he starts headlining shows!Respect to D’prince, he has good choice in picking out to talent-@SheilahGashumba

Though many of the commenters seem to be torn between liking and hating the music, it might be too early to make that call.  Are you still excited to see what Godzilla has in store for the Nigerian music community?

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