“He Paid For An Apartment For My Team” – Khaid Shares First Encounter With Mohbad


Upcoming Nigerian singer Khaid recently shared a heartwarming story about his encounter with the late artist Mohbad during an appearance on This is Popcentral.

Khaid recounted meeting Mohbad by chance after they both missed flights at the airport. Despite missing his flight, Mohbad went out of his way to welcome Khaid and make him feel comfortable.

He said:

He reminisced about Mohbad’s lively spirit, recalling how the then-rising star danced and vibed to his own music to cheer up Khaid after their travel hiccup.

Khaid’s affectionate memories provide a glimpse of Mohbad’s character away from the headlines. His willingness to embrace Khaid exemplified the human side behind his public persona.

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