Harrysong Accused Music Executive Soso Soberekon Of Plotting To Kill Him

Harry Song Soso Soberekon

Talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harry Song, made a shocking revelation about a music executive in a recent interview.

While appearing as a guest on the “Frankly Speaking” podcast, hosted by popular media personality Nedu (Wazobia) and a slew of others, discussed music industry friendships, which he described as mostly phony.

According to Harrsong, most people seen as his friends are “real enemies” looking for his downfall.

“90% of all the friendships are fake. There are people I’ve been working with for years. If you call their names you go say na Harry guy be this. Dem no be my guy,” he said in the episode aired via YouTube on Monday.

He added, “As a matter of fact, those are my real enemies. If you see Soso now, you’ll say Soso is my friend. Soso is not my friend, Soso is my enemy. He sent people to come and kill me in Port Harcort, no jokes. Ask my team, ask everyone.”

When asked if he had proof of the allegations, said, “I have evidence, I have videos, I have pictures.

“This is no joke. You’ll say he is my friend, he’s not my friend. He wants to kill me.”

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