H.E.R. – The Glass

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H.E.R. possesses one of the most soulful and elegant voices in all of R&B. Unfortunately, her career is at a bit of a crossroads right now. What we mean by that is she has slowed down her musical production she appears to be following a trend of releasing a new album every two years. However, it seems that might not continue this year.

The only material she has put out this year was a solo single released back in May called “The Journey.” Additionally, she has been a part of a remixed single with Asake. “Lonely At The Top” dropped just a couple of days ago and there is also an acoustic version with H.E.R., too. Now, she is back to “remix” another single.

She teams up with the popular alternative rock band, Foo Fighters. They have a brand-new album out now called But Here We Are. One of the tracks “The Glass” has a more mellow and sentimental tone to it. While this is an unexpected collaboration, we can see why H.E.R. fits on this song. Foo Fighters vocals are removed and she covers the track with an even more chill production style. It is the perfect song to grab your significant other for and slow dance with.


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