Grip – Walkthrough! ft. Eminem

Grip Walkthrough ft. Eminem
Grip Walkthrough ft. Eminem

Atlanta rapper GRIP recently joined Eminem’s Shady Records roster, and he wasted little time in making an impression with his new album I Died For This!? Though likely most effective when streamed from start to finish, given GRIP’s keen mind for building concepts and all, many fans probably queued up the Eminem-assisted “Walkthrough!” as a warm-up.

By now, it’s no secret that an Eminem feature encourages collaborators to bring their A-game, as the legendary Detroit emcee tends to go above and beyond when it comes to the bars. Luckily, GRIP is no slouch in that regard, and while his dexterous verse might not be as lengthy as Em’s closing statement, there’s enough impressive lyricism throughout to hold his own. By the time Eminem wraps up his own gargantuan contribution — ding-dong ditching Death’s Door and putting on for the Shady Records team in the process — it’s hard not to be excited about the boutique labels’ future.


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