GloRilla – Wrong One

wrong one glorilla

Memphis songstress, GloRilla continues to have a knack for bringing wild energy to a track. Even when a song is a bit more low-key, the rapper can turn the levels up to 1000 in a hurry. For example, look at her feature from Don Toliver’s latest record, Love Sick. She lays down a feature on the third track, “Leave The Club,” which also includes Lil Durk. Toliver is singing and rapping about leaving the nightlife to head back to his place to get things more intimate if you will.

However, near the backend of the track, the beat picks up and changes to where GloRilla can come in and dominate it. Her deep rumble provides a menacing element that you might not expect. But, that is what she can do for a song. It is a skill that is helping her blow up in the mainstream and fans are starting to pay attention to her unique sound.

The liveliness continues with this new single from her called, “Wrong One.” It is a song about GloRilla finding out her man is moving on from her with another woman. The theme around Glo’s music will not have you in your feelings. She takes a different approach to her situation. Along with the help of her friends, they go through and destroy the inside of his house. You can check that out in the music video above. The song features the likes of Gloss Up, Slimeroni, Aleza, and K Carbon, as well as some trunk-knocking production from hitmaker, Tay Keith.


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