G-Eazy, Coi Leray, & Kaliii – Femme Fatale

g eazy femme fatale

Over the course of G-Eazy’s c areer, the Oakland, California MC has received a fair amount of criticism. Some of that comes from his “corny” writing or “bland” tracks. Most see him as a club banger artist, which is not a bad way to go about making music. He has differentiated his sound as well, but it seems the majority go for the high-octane cuts. So today, G-Eazy is back with a new offering in that space with “Femme Fatale.”

The song’s theme is about men and women both participating in the hedonistic lifestyle. Sex work is a big focus here too, and it is made apparent through the sample flip of the classic song from 20th Century Steel Band, “Heaven and Hell Is on Earth.” The lyrics, “Everyone’s got to make a livin’,” kicks “Femme Fatale” off, before bleeding into the verse from G-Eazy. “No prejudice (Nah), I’m a feminist (Yeah)… No judgement ’cause everybody has to make a little, uh.”

He raps from the male perspective, then the features, Coi Leray, and Kaliii, give their side of things. Leray’s verse is gaining some attention already, especially where she says, “And all I drop is hits, baby, I don’t drop tears.” With all of that being said, the feedback on this song, which is supposedly starting an album rollout, has mostly been negative. The general consensus is that “club bangers” are not really blowing up anymore, G-Eazy needs to go back to his old sound, and songs that are all about sex need to stop. But what do you think? Check out the track for yourself and join in on the conversation.


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