G-Eazy At Will ft. EST Gee

G Eazy At Will ft. EST Gee
G Eazy At Will ft. EST Gee

It’s a union of G and Gee on “At Will,” the brand new collaboration between G-Eazy and the rising star EST Gee. Though he’s been exploring a bit of melodic territory lately, G-Eazy has decided that it’s time to get back to his Bay Area roots. For the occasion, the rapper takes to a spooky woodwind-driven banger, the perfect backdrop for some unapologetic flexing.

In that department, few can match Young Gerald’s experience, having lived the fast life while embracing the darker side of his vices. “Came in this bitch with exceptional spirit,” he spits. “Bulletproof vision, cannot let ’em kill it / Real ones acknowledge my shit ’cause they feel it.” Fresh off the release of his acclaimed new album Bigger Than Life Or Death, EST Gee holds it down to conclude the track. “I done been too close to death to be scared,” he raps, alluding to a recent shooting that left him shot in the stomach. “I get my gun when they come unprepared / money bring shy bitches right out they shell.”

It’s a simple but effective formula. Two solid verses from two solid rappers, held together nicely by a hard-hitting instrumental.


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