Fredo – Dave Flow

Fredo Dave Flow

Fredo has set the tone for 2023 with a brand new banger, along with eye-popping visuals.

The “Back To Basics” rapper returned on Thursday with the release of his latest single, “Dave Flow.” An homage to his collaborator and friend, the West London native flexes his lyrical dexterity over haunting instrumental. Though he celebrates the high life, with the visuals showing his adventures in Dubai, it’s also a reflection of his growth and progress. He looks back at his humble beginnings in amazement as a result of how far he’s come in his career. “Still chasin’ money, yeah, I guarantee it/ Went from sofa surfin’ to surfin’ yachts in the Caribbean,” Fredo raps on the song.

In keeping with the song’s title, Dave’s influence on Fredo evidently comes out over the course of the record. The two built strong chemistry with songs like “Freaky Friday,” “All I Ever Wanted,” and “Money Talks.” But on this one, Fredo punctuates each bar with the type of precision that Dave’s known for. “Dave Flow” is an excellent outing for Fredo that undoubtedly kicks the year off on the right note.

It appears as though we’ll get a new album from Fredo at some point this year. The UK wordsmith came through in late 2022 with the release of “I’m Back.” So it seems like an announcement will come in the near future.


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