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The YNW Melly double murder trial has been one of the biggest hip-hop stories of the year so far. In addition to all the regular case developments, the court mentioned plenty of rappers in their proceedings so far, whether for their involvement or in reference. One that is allegedly involved in the murders Melly stands accused of committing is Fredo Bang. Prosecutors argued that the Baton Rogue rapper picked the Florida MC up after he allegedly fatally shot YNW Juvy and YNW SakChaser. Now, he came through with a track in support of Melly, aptly titled “Free Melly” as many fans online are clamoring.

However, at first glance, the lyrics here don’t reference or talk about YNW Melly’s case at length; he most notably denied giving information in the case. Rather, the 27-year-old got into his storytelling and narrative bag, providing a lot of detailed descriptions of his rough street life and taking down his opposition. Sure, there is one sole mention of Melly, talking about how they’ve been close for a long time and his refusal to talk to the police or court. Other than that, “Free Melly” is a portrait of Fredo Bang’s day-to-day, or instead some of his darkest and most contentious moments. There are some sharp lines here that are meant to hit you in your core rather than make you evaluate the wordplay, and he switches from more easy-going flows to rapid-fire bars.

Meanwhile, the production her is reminiscent of something that NBA YoungBoy would ride with pride (after all, they’re both from Louisiana). Breezy guitars and piano mesh with a mid-tempo trap beat to create a surprisingly bright sonic pallet for the MC to float over.


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