Flo Milli Shuts Down Colorism Comments: “Stop Using My Name To Degrade Other People”

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Ahead of her upcoming studio album, Flo Milli is making it crystal clear that she’s not the one to pigeonhole. The Alabama native took issue with narratives that fans and critics alike have been peddling about her career. Specifically, she challenged claims of her being “underrated” and the ongoing dialogue surrounding colorism in the music industry.

During her interview with Rolling Stone on Friday (Sept. 22), she said, “Them saying I’m underrated, or the colorism thing. They want me to be insecure about my skin tone, which is never going to happen. I want people to understand everybody does not hate themselves. I think I’m a bad b**ch, and there’s nothing you could say that’s going to make me think otherwise. So please stop.”

Milli continued, “I was also telling them to stop using my name to degrade other people. I want y’all to support me, but don’t try to bring another woman down in the process because that don’t make me feel good.”

This isn’t the first time Milli set the record straight. Back in May, she took to social media to ask fans to stop pushing false stories about her after Billboard heralded Ice Spice as the new “Princess of Rap.” It subsequently triggered debates about colorism and reignited comparisons between female artists.

She tweeted, “I wish y’all would stop with this tired a** narrative y’all love to push about my career.” Another post read, “And stop mentioning me while trying to degrade another artist. It’s WEIRD.”

Elsewhere in her conversation with Rolling Stone, Milli spoke about what to expect from her upcoming LP, Fine Ho, Stay, which is slated to drop later this year. She shared, “I feel like I’m allowing them to see a vulnerable Flo. And it’s personal because I always have something to prove to myself and others. Every time, I expect myself to get better. So it’s always going to be personal when you’re working to be better than your last self.”

The 23-year-old rapper revealed her headlining “Thanks For Coming Here, Ho Tour” on Sept. 5. It’s slated to kick off on Oct. 21 in San Francisco with frequent collaborator Maiya the Don.


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