Flo Milli – Anything Flows ft. 2Rare, Maiya The Don, & Kari Faux

flo milli anything flows

Flo Milli has quickly become one of the most impressive artists in the game. Overall, she is someone who can provide fans with multiple flows and vibes. Additionally, she has already built up a solid catalog of songs and features. At this stage, there really is no stopping her from achieving anything she sets out to do. Fans love her, and we cannot wait to see what else she does throughout her career. Even if that means some people constantly comparing her to her peers.

On Thursday, however, Flo Milli teamed up with the good folks over at 7-Eleven. The convenience store chain is looking to promote its new Slurpees, and they have done so by commissioning a new song. Milli is among some of the best artists to ask for this kind of thing, and as it turns out, the collaboration works incredibly well. The song is called “Anything Flows,” and it features Maiya The Don, 2Rare, and Kari Faux.

Immediately upon turning on the track, you are met with some awesome, uptempo production. Overall, the beat is something that complements the stylings of every artist here. Moreover, we have Flo Milli on the hook, who brings some truly infectious energy to the while thing. From there, Maiya The Don comes through with a standout verse that will most definitely create a few fans. 2Rare and Kari Faux are also great on this cut, and they continue to show why they are rising stars in the industry.

With this brand-new track in mind, we are very excited to see what all of these artists have in store for us, in the future.


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