Fivio Foreign – Doin Me

fivio foreign doin me

One of the biggest revelations in the music industry right now is AI technology. AI in general is a hot topic across the globe in all different industries for a multitude of reasons. For some, they feel it will be detrimental to society and that nothing will replicate the work of human. Others are optimistic in that in will change how the world functions for the better. Wherever you stand on this subject, AI is here to stay for the foreseeable future. One person who is onboard with it is Fivio Foreign.

Just a short time ago, an AI-generated song from Drake and The Weeknd was put up for Grammy consideration. The track, “heart on my sleeve,” was made by Ghostwriter and it was deemed eligible because it was made by a human. This of course led to a lot of heated debates. But even artists like Meek Mill were messing with the track, showing that AI is carving its own niche. Now, Fivio Foreign is jumping on the bandwagon as well with a historic, first-ever collaboration.

Fivio teams up with SOUNDRAW, an AI music-generating company based in Tokyo, Japan. He can etch his name into the rap history books as the first rapper to ever use an AI-generated instrumental. According to their website, SOUNDRAW was founded on February 12, 2020, by Daigo Kusunoki. Just last, year, the company funded $1.4 million in US dollars to expand globally according to Bridge. This a big moment for music that will get the people debating, but the song is absolute fire.


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