Faye Webster – Lego Ring ft. Lil Yachty

Faye Webster Lego Ring Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty’s 2023 centered around creative freedom: to expand into psych-pop-rock genres, push more collaborations, grow as a person and artist in his genres of choice, and make the best art possible. Fortunately, it looks like another Atlanta native will help him on that journey in 2024, too. Moreover, Faye Webster just released a new song and music video with Lil Boat titled “Lego Ring,” and it’s a very sweet and balanced cut with a lot of personality. In the visual, both artists play a Rock Band-like rhythm game in a living room with a drum set and guitar, a game which you can actually play online here.

Furthermore, Faye Webster’s light and airy croon matches up very well with Lil Yachty’s high-pitched vibrato, and their vocal effects here go to great lengths to make this a very dreamy song. After all, she is one of Steve Lacy’s main inspirations; how could this be anything less than an alt-indie-R&B jam packed with charisma? Not only that, but there’s some well-produced distortion effects here that give this typically breezy and summery cut a shoegaze-like grit. Actually, it goes pretty far to brand this duo’s unique approach to indie and rock styles, as it’s something that many other bands and musicians attempt to much more jarring results. Of course, it’s quite the cheeky cut, with lyrics that could be as dumbed-down as they are profound.

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to hear Faye Webster’s new album Underdressed at the Symphony, which comes out on March 1 with a “Lego Ring” attached. As for Lil Yachty, whether it’s Concrete trap cuts like “MO JAMS” or soundtrack excursions into space rock on “The Paradigm,” we’re sure that this streak of hits will continue to run through 2024. If you haven’t heard this cut yet, find it on your preferred streaming service. Also, check out the music video above and peep the “Secret Recipe.” MC’s verse on this song down below.

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