Fans React To Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Both Having Albums Set For The Same Day

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Friday (Oct. 20) night, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz performed their new collaboration track titled “Presha” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” After they performed, they announced they would release a follow-up to their first joint album, ColleGrove. ColleGrove 2 is set to release on Nov. 17.

Fans of the Young Money head honcho instantly questioned why he would release an album the same day as his YM signee Nicki Minaj, who will also be releasing her long-awaited full-length album Pink Friday 2 on Nov. 17. Users on social media had plenty to say after the announcement of the joint album between Wayne and 2 Chainz hit the internet.

One fan on Instagram said, “Middle school me would be on Limewire at midnight just waiting.” At the same time, another comment stated, “Why he couldn’t wait? Let her have her moment alone, then drop.” An ambitious fan even chimed in to exclaim, “Imagine a YMCMB reunion tour. Drake, Nicki, and Wayne omfggg.”

While Minaj’s album has been the topic of conversation for Barbz, she now will go toe-to-toe with the YM president on release day. This week, the “Anaconda” emcee shared a fiery remix to Drake and Chief Keef’s “All The Parties” titled “For All The Barbz.”

The exciting new freestyle proved that Nicki is in fighting shape ahead of her latest project. She made headlines after alluding to the popular OceanGate story earlier this year. In her new verse, she raps, “These b**ches don’t want smoke. Say ‘no’ to vape. I get these b**ches scramblin’ when I throw the bait. One sub kill five b**ches, OceanGate, uh.”

As the line alludes, anytime she says something on social media that can be taken as a diss, people try to piece together who the dig is toward.

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