Eminem Forgot That He Was in the ‘Still D.R.E.’ Video

Eminem Rb

forgot about his video.

The Detroit rapper sat down with Snoop Dogg where they reflected on their 1999 collaboration “Still D.R.E.” and its music video in which chases a group of women on the beach. But Slim Shady had recalling that he was in ’s iconic video, that is until Snoop reminded him.

“Weren’t you on the beach running in that video?” Snoop asked Em, who at first had no recollection.

“Was I in that video?” he asked Snoop, who described Em’s scene in the Hype Williams-directed clip, which also featured cameos from and Warren G.

“You was running on the beach. That was like your debut album,” Snoop said. “You was running on the beach with damn near no clothes on. You was Slim Shady, you was like crazy back then, like real crazy.”

“I was?” asked a surprised Em.

“You know had you right up in there. You was in your element,” added Snoop before finally triggering his memory.

“I remember now. For some reason, I was thinking ‘Forgot About Dre.’ I pictured my performance in that,” said Em.

After ’s memory came back, they also discussed their new collaboration, “From the D 2 the LBC.” Em gave props to Snoop, who in turn credited the Detroit MC for bringing out the best in him.

“You challenged me, Marshall,” said Snoop. “You put me back in my karate school days where I used to be a young MC and loved the challenge of having to try a new style, a new cadence. The rap game is supposed to be challenging. It’s supposed to make you dig in your bag.”

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