Eli Fross – Bad Days ft. Sleepy Hallow

Eli Fross Bad Days ft. Sleepy Hallow

Both Eli Fross and Sleepy Hallow are drill rappers hailing from Brooklyn, New York. They’re both known for their clever lyricism and relatable rhymes that hundreds of people can associate with. The two NY natives have worked with each other in the past on their record “Basketball Dreams (Remix),” and now they’re back to deliver yet another hit.

On Friday (July 8), Fross dropped his latest single “Bad Days” featuring Sleepy Hallow. In the four-minute track, both guys reminisced about the countless trials and tribulations they went through growing up. The song’s slow-paced guitar beat allowed their lyrics to better resonate with listeners, as their rhymes were filled with sorrow.

The record started out with some encouragement, “Word of advice, always remember where you came from… because you always gone remember how you came up.” Following that, Eli hopped in with the chorus, which greatly explained the meaning of the entire song, “I remember days when I was down/I had to get up/Been watching all these n*ggas count they wins/I got my sh*t up.”

Sleepy Hallow also honed in on the track’s topic in his verse. “I told you be yourself/Don’t give a f*ck if they gone judge you/They say I’m way too humble/I’m just trying not to fumble,” he rhymed.

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