Dthang, TDOT & French Montana – I Got A Feeling

Dthang x T DO French Montana I Got A Feeling

Dthang, French Montana, and T DOT are three rappers who are proud of their New York roots. Together, the three entertainers combined drill and pop music by sampling one of the most popular dance songs in history. The NY native’s record, “I Got A Feeling,” featured the beat from the Black Eyed Peas song “I Got A Feeling” in its chorus as well as a few verses.

Released yesterday (July 8), the four-minute record started out with a hype beat that is all too familiar up North. It wasn’t until the hook that listeners caught the reference to the title. Dthang rapped, “It’s a good night/In L.A. smoking opps, it’s a good life/Reminiscing how we took boy good life,” as will.i.am’s adlibs sang after his lyrics.

Further into the record, both French Montana and T DOT took turns spitting rhymes about being fearless and accomplishing their dreams. “Told my n*ggas this day was gonna come/Now we up in L.A. had to f*ck a couple b*tches and bottles with a couple guns,” spat T DOT in the final verse.

Not only did the guys come together for a record, but they also gathered in the city to produce a music video– which has already garnered over 700,000 views.

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