Drake – Slime You Out ft. SZA

Drake SZA Slime You Out

Drake is going to be dropping a new album next Friday called For All The Dogs. Overall, this is a project that is going to immediately become a contender for Album Of The Year, or at least that is what fans are expecting. Drizzy is one of the biggest artists in the world, and he knows how to give fans what they want. Some massive features are expected to be on this project, and fans can’t wait to hear all of them. Although the vast majority of the features are not confirmed, we do know that he has a song with SZA.

After teasing the track earlier this week, Drake has finally arrived with “Slime You Out.” Backed by cover art that depicts Halle Berry with slime all over her face, it is clear that Drizzy was looking to make a statement. Fans were hoping for this track to be released at midnight. However, he ended up giving it to them at noon today instead. Below, you can listen to the new track, which is an r&b ballad that sees both artists giving their best.

Firstly, the song begins with Drake who showcases just how far his singing voice has come. Additionally, SZA comes through with powerful vocals on the second half of the track. It feels like both of these artists are singing together, which makes sense given their alleged history. Overall, this is about what fans would have expected from this collaboration, and we’re just glad it has arrived.

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