Drake Gifts Fan $50K To “Flex” On Girlfriend Who Left Him (Watch)

Drake Fan Money Girlfriend Left Tour 50K

Drake’s It’s All A Blur tour with 21 S*vage isn’t saving all the money for its performers; even some fans are getting a lot of cash for going to the shows. Of course, that’s because of the generosity from these artists, who have often given fans Chanel bags, cash, plane tickets, and much more during their trek. Most recently, Drizzy gave a fan $50K at the Miami show (presumably on Saturday, September 29) after he said that his girlfriend left him, which is the most fitting reason to give a fan of his music some bands. Previously, a few lucky attendees at each show were able to share their backstories or experiences, which usually involved a reward or two, and this just adds to that tradition.

“Aye, I gotta read that sign, I like that sign,” Drake said to a fan in the crowd. “That’s a good sign to pick tonight. Usually I’ll, like, do something nice for a lady. I’d do something nice, I’ll give away a bag or some s**t like that.

“But my bro right here,” Drake continued. “He said ‘I spent all my savings buying tickets for me and my ex, but Honestly, Nevermind, it’s really Her Loss.’ So she ain’t come with you tonight? She ain’t come with you tonight to the Drake show?! What the f**k is wrong with her? And you in here just icy with the gold chain and the sunglasses on? Aye, you know what?”

Then, the crowd started chanting “F**k that b***h!” “Alright, that’s a little aggressive,” the Toronto native replied to the stadium. “But you know what? She’s gonna feel real f***ed up. ‘Cause I’ma give you 50 bands so you gon’ flex on her tonight. That’s how we doing it tonight, big dog! It’s your night tonight! And I won’t say it how y’all said it, but f**k that young lady. Miami, I love y’all so much, you showing so much love. You showing too much love tonight.”

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