Drake Clowns Charlamagne Tha God After “Slime You Out” Criticism

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Drake evidently isn’t one to let criticism slide, especially when it comes from someone as outspoken as Charlamagne Tha God. On Monday (Sept. 25), the “Hotline Bling” artist took to his Instagram Stories to call the radio host a knockoff version of a famous actor.

“In deep thought about how you, the off-brand Morris Chestnut,” the Toronto rapper penned beneath a photo of Charlamagne from a 2022 Verywell Mind photoshoot.

The tension between the two was reignited after the radio personality blasted the self-proclaimed 6 God’s recent collaboration with SZA, “Slime You Out,” on his and Andrew Schultz’s “Brilliant Idiots” podcast.

“What scares me — and it’s not a scare because Drake’s gonna be fine — Drake put out a song last Friday, and nobody cared. The Drake and SZA record,” the South Carolina native shared. “I’m in the group chat, and I’m like, ‘Damn, Drake put out this record Friday, and people just getting to the lyrics on Monday? That’s not Drake-like!”

He continued, “He’s gonna be fine, regardless. I just think that also when you look at the album cover, and you hear the title, For All the Dogs, I think we were looking for something a little bit more harder, a little bit more aggressive. He came out with this slow joint with SZA.”

Amused by the criticism, Drizzy also shared an old quote from Charlamagne. The excerpt was from a 2013 VladTV interview where the radio host stated, “It’s three sexual orientations out there: It’s gay, straight, and Drake.”

This isn’t the duo’s first skirmish in the public eye. Their feud has been ongoing for years, from the “Breakfast Club” mainstay labeling Drake’s 2020 hit “Toosie Slide” as “wack” to comparing the musician’s Honestly, Nevermind LP to “elevator music.”

Although they appeared to squash their beef momentarily in 2015 when Drake sent Charlamagne bottles of Dom Pérignon, the cease-fire was short-lived.


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