Drake And SZA Tease Upcoming Collaboration Ahead Of ‘For All The Dogs’

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On Wednesday (Sept. 13) night, Drake fueled speculation regarding a new collaboration with SZA for his upcoming album For All The Dogs. The rumor mill began churning after the Toronto artist took to Instagram to share an image of Halle Berry being slimed at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. It featured a parental advisory insignia on the bottom corner with the TDE songstress being tagged.

Further stirring excitement, the “Good Days” singer mirrored Drake’s action by uploading the same image on her profile and tagging him in return. The interaction suggested a joint effort might be in the pipeline. However, fans and industry insiders are currently awaiting confirmation.

If it’s a new track, the record is expected to appear on his eighth studio album, slated for release on Sept. 22. For All The Dogs will succeed Drizzy’s 2022 solo project Honestly, Nevermind. The latter debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart despite being announced just hours before its release.

In a separate event earlier this month, the musician told the audience at his “It’s All A Blur Tour” in Austin, Texas that they could expect a new song ahead of the LP’s release. Meanwhile, the official album cover features art by the rapper’s son, Adonis.

While the recent Instagram posts drove speculation, it’s also worth noting the history between the two artists. The pair reportedly dated in the late ‘00s, which Drake revealed in 21 Savage’s 2020 track called “Mr. Right Now.”

He rapped, “Yeah, said she wanna f**k to some SZA, wait. ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08. If you cool with it, baby, she can still play.”

Contrary to the lyrics, the St. Louis native later clarified the timeline and said that it was actually a year later. She tweeted, “So it was actually 2009… In this case, a year of poetic rap license mattered. I think he just innocently rhymed ‘08 [with] wait. Anybody who really knows me and was around during this time can confirm… It’s all love, all peace.”


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