Doja Cat Unveils Album Tracklist For “Scarlet” With No Features”

Doja Cat Shares Scarlet Tracklist

Doja Cat’s new album Scarlet is scheduled to drop later this month. She’s following up her hit-packed 2021 album Planet Her with a project she’s been teasing for years. With the ongoing name changes and a brief album cover controversy firmly behind her, Doja is ready to move into her new era. She’s been slowly rolling out bits and pieces of information about the project across the past few weeks and earlier today she shared a big one.

“no features,” she captioned a new Instagram post. In the attached images she shares a selfie and the official tracklist of the album. As you’d expect the 15 tracks don’t appear to contain any features but they do have the three songs she’s released in the past few months. The second and third singles “Paint The Town Red” and “Demons” are the first two songs in the tracklist starting the record off. Its lead single “Attention” shows up way later as the album’s 14th song. Something that is grabbing plenty of attention in the post is one particularly NSFW song title occupying the third spot on the record.

Check out the full tracklist below.

1. “Paint The Town Red”
2. “Demons”
3. “Wet Vagina”
4. “F*ck The Girls (FTG)”
5. “Ouchies”
6. “97”
7. “Gun”
8. “Go Off”
9. “Agora Hills”
10. “Can’t Wait”
11. “Often”
12. “Love Life”
13. “Skull And Bones”
14. “Attention”
15. “Balut”


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