Doja Cat & Her “Big Fat A**” Clap Back At Trolls On IG Live

Doja Cat 1

Doja Cat and her “Kittenz,” as she’s asked them not to call themselves, have a strange relationship, to put it mildly. This has become more evident than ever in 2023, as the Planet Her hitmaker prepares to follow up her award-winning LP with more fire in the form of Scarlet. The genre-bending artist has been updating fans throughout her entire album-making process, sometimes giving us serious details, but more often than not, trolling social media users by sending out silly strings of tweets and not-so-flattering “thirst traps.”

Those who have stuck around as a part of Doja’s fanbase through all the ups and downs are used to her playing games with them. By now, some of them even enjoy teasing her, such as during a recent Instagram Live stream. Over the weekend, the fashionista began broadcasting herself from a dark room, giving out some life updates ahead of Scarlet’s debut. As 13K+ people tuned in, some of them began to suggest they could see an eerie figure in the dark behind Doja.

“Yeah b**ch there is something really behind me,” the 27-year-old entertained those tuning. “A big fat a**,” she continued, looking directly into the camera for comedic effect. “Keep trying me! Keep trying me, at 1 AM. A big, fat f**king wagon. That’s what’s behind me,” Doja assured viewers. “Look behind me? Oh, nothing new! Wait a minute… Nothing new! Just my big fat a**. Try again!”

As of right now, Doja Cat hasn’t named any guest features for her Scarlet LP. Still, her latest single has hip-hop heads begging the California native to join forces with Griselda. On “Balut,” she undeniably channels the East Coast group’s iconic sound while lyricizing about Twitter stans who she spent a chunk of the summer beefing with.

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