Doja Cat – Demons ft. Baby Keem

doja cat demons song

Doja Cat has been very adamant about wanting to change up her style. Overall, she has mostly been known for her pop-rap styling. This has also included forays into R&B from time to time. However, Doja is looking to get rid of the pop label. Now, she wants to be a much edgier artist who is known for taking risks. Moreover, she is looking to ditch some of her pop fans who she believes have fallen for a “lesser” style of music.

This is all well and good, although fans felt like tracks such as “Paint The Town Red” were just yet another extension of what she’s already been doing. With her new album Scarlet dropping on September 22nd, fans want to see something a bit different. Well, on Friday, that is exactly what she gave us with the track “Demons.” This song had actually leaked on Twitter already, however, we now have the full version right in front of us.

Interestingly enough, the track sounds like something you would hear from the likes of Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. From the horn sections to the flows, there is a lot of “Melodic Blue” in here. Although, Doja puts her own spin on which leads to a pretty cool track. There are some great flows here and the lyrics are what you would expect from this new, edgier version of Doja.


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