DJ Switch Slams Odumodblvck For Defending Pastor E.A Adeboye

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Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Switch, has slammed Odumodblvck for defending clergyman Pastor Adeboye as he addressed socio-economic and security challenges in Nigeria.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Adeboye, emphasized the need for spiritual solutions to address these issues.

Odumodublvck defended Pastor Adeboye, citing his non-insult behavior on social media and the fact that Muslims don’t insult their clerics.

Responding DJ Switch responded by stating that she rarely sees Muslims with over 10 mosques on one street or comparing one mosque to another.

She also highlighted the unanswered prayers in Nigeria and the lavish lifestyles of pastors who use people’s tithes, offerings, and seeds.

“I am a fan of odumodublvck… so this isn’t a shade!
His tweet about Adeboye has some highlights… like the part where he said we wouldn’t talk to our parents like that. Don’t know about you but I wouldn’t! So he’s right there. But here’s the thing though, the Muslim clerics he compared Adeboye to, I know I hardly see them (and correct me if I am wrong o), I hardly see them with over 10 mosques on one street or telling members that one mosque is better than another! They worship Allah in unity (I’m not talking about extremists which all religions have)… I hardly hear prosperity gospel from them and I can go on to count many other examples. PS: the poverty and lack of education predominant in the north is not “Allah’s” fault but the system. Now, our churches constantly preach what 70% percent of people in all their lives at that church won’t ever get… but somehow only the pastor and their families receive. One reason for this is that you are investing wrongly. Try the stock market with your next tithe instead.

What has tainted Adeboye is his years of prophecy especially of Nigeria that doesn’t come true! The sheer ignorance when it comes to the workings of the economy for example. No one! I repeat, no one can pray for any economy to improve no matter how hard you try.

We have to do the work! The servants that were given talents in the Bible with one burying his is a perfect example of this. This same man and many other “men of god” have used their influence to support evil, tyrannical regimes in the name of god told them so! When things go to hell, they become mute.

Another example is when Jesus was irritated by the corruption of the church and he scattered the place.

There’s no way around it, we have a drug lord, thieving “president” and party and I do not need to be a “woman of god” to know that this is wrong! Look at the country now! Even previous years with thieving governments that we’ve had still dey show working.

The Nigerian sky is filled with unanswered prayers!!! These “men and womën of god” use people’s tithes, offerings, seeds, etc to live lavish lifestyles. The Jesus everyone is clamoring for did not even live like that! Does that mean people should then live impoverished like he did… no, but he was devoted to leading people to his father. And there are, allegedly, enough accounts in the Bible of actual working miracles and intent by Jesus.

Now, I’ve been guilty of using harsh words against the guy and that’s from frustration!!! I used to respect him and if nothing at all, at least… let him lead by example as a man of god! I will do my best to not use derogatory terms toward the guy but no promises.

To all those assistant defenders of Adeboye and the likes, what you see is pure frustration from Nigerians.

One thing with Nigerians that I’ve noticed is if you do right and have integrity, no worry… we go hail you die! Defend you die! Love you die!
That being said… I need to go and have my tea with my god”.

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