DC Young Fly Reveals That His Sister Tragically Passed Away

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Today (Oct. 16), DC Young Fly revealed that his sister passed away earlier this month. He announced the tragic news via his Instagram account in a heartfelt message.

“In a matter of a year, I lost three people: My [cousin] last August, my girl in May, and my sister a couple [of] days ago. [You just] gotta stick through the mission knowin’ that GOD got [you] and he will grant you the strength,” the comedian and actor shared. “Remember he parted the Red Sea, not make it disappear… The problems are still there. He [just] allowed [you] to get through it. Make sure [you] stay righteous [and] don’t hold no grudge because GOD is love, and love will always overcome adversity.”

In the comment section, Desi Banks, Pretty Vee, Bun B, DJ Premier, and B. Simone were among the many to share their condolences and prayers.

In May, DC Young Fly’s longtime partner, Ms. Jacky Oh, passed away at 32. According to a report from the Miami-Dade County medical examiner, the cause of death was revealed to be complications of cosmetic surgery.

She died a day after undergoing a gluteal augmentation procedure called a butt lift. Per a document obtained by USA Today, the reality star “completed the procedure without complications.” Post-surgery, she was prescribed ciprofloxacin, which is an antibiotic for pain relief, oxycodone for pain relief, and ondansetron to prevent nausea.

Tragically, on the evening of her death, the mother of three “began to feel like her head was burning” and started to have difficulty speaking, the publication noted. Jacky Oh was later pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

In June, DC Young Fly posted a tribute to her on Instagram. He wrote, “Sent you off the right way, Mama. Love you forever. The kids gon’ be straight, and you know God got us.”

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