DC Young Fly On Life After Ms. Jacky Oh’s Death: “God Is Keeping Me Uplifted”

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Spotted departing the Sirius XM headquarters, DC Young Fly offered an earnest update on his emotional state. The comedian told TMZ he felt “great love, great energy” and had been seeking solace in the company of his friends and colleagues, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean.

The trio has been celebrating the recent release of their Netflix comedy special, “85 South: Ghetto Legends.”

“God is the greatest — he’s granted me the strength to keep going,” DC Young Fly admitted, reflecting on his new role as the sole caretaker of his three children, Nova, 6, Nala, 2, and Prince’Nehemiah, 10 months.

Jacky Oh passed away in Miami in May, leaving her young family to mourn her sudden loss.

Although DC Young Fly acknowledged his grief, he confirmed he prefers to maintain a positive public demeanor. “We human, we emotional — people want to see you cry, but I’m just not gonna record myself crying and show you I’m crying,” he explained, adding that he’s been privately shedding his tears.

While navigating his loss, DC Young Fly has been relishing the success of his Netflix special. The comedian shared a snapshot on Instagram of the trio posing before a Times Square billboard featuring their promotional material, highlighting their achievement.

Further fueling his celebration, he also shared a Forbes article that reported “85 South: Ghetto Legends” debuting at No. 1 on Netflix’s top shows in the U.S., surpassing popular series “Black Mirror” and the newly added legal drama “Suits.”

Striving to inspire his followers, DC Young Fly captioned the celebratory images, “Gotta stay goin’ strong for your dream, and live it up to the fullest!!” with the uplifting hashtag, “#GODIsTheGreatest.”

He voiced similar sentiments at Ms. Jacky Oh’s funeral, crediting his Christian faith as the source of his strength to persevere in these challenging times. “When you see me, when a smile is on my face, and I’m kickin’ it, and I’m happy, the higher power granted me the strength to continue to keep going,” he declared, expressing his ongoing commitment to moving forward amid his personal grief.

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