Davido Reveals How He Coped With The Death Of His Mom, Friends And The Importance Of ‘Stand Strong’

Davido 23

The 30 BG boss had granted an interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he revealed how he handled the death of his mother and friends as well as explaining why ‘Stand Strong’ is important to him as an artist.

How Did Cope With The Death Of His Mother And Friends?

who had lost his mother at the age of 10 and according to the Rolling Stone magazine he had been really tested when he lost a close friend of his in June 2021 by the name of Habeeb Uthman popularly known as “Obama” and “44,” who had reportedly died after driving himself to the hospital while experiencing difficulty breathing.

revealed in an Instagram post:

“All my life it’s been ‘David you’re strong, David you’re strong.’ 44 I won’t lie to you, this time around, this one WEAK ME!!”

In that sameyear he also lost his security guard and his photographer Fortune who he explained to Rolling Stone had:

“[He] drowned trying to get a shot. He was on a photo shoot with somebody,” explained).

Why Is ‘Stand Strong’ Important To Davido?

Rolling Stone revealed that had stated that the song ‘Stand Strong’ had been his coping mechanism in handling the losses he experienced.

The article revealed:

He said that writing his May single, “Stand Strong,” helped him cope with the losses. “My steps are guided by Jehovah,” he sings. “And 44 looking over.”

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