Davido Invests In New Social Audio-Visual Platform, Chatter

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Grammy nominated music superstar, Davido announced his co-ownership of Chatter, a new platform aiming to change the social audio-visual landscape.

Allegedly driven by his passion for social audio, Davido invests in a team to create a platform that prioritizes inclusivity, diversity, and free speech.

Chatter is advertised to offer a space for people to express themselves, connect, and find communities. Designed with creators in mind, the platform promises unique monetization opportunities and a seamless content creation experience.

Although there are numerous social media platform, there is only one, Clubhouse that is focused on audio visual content. Filling a gap in the digital landscape, Chatter focuses solely on social audio-visual content, setting a new standard for online connection and sharing.

Davido’s investment adds weight to the platform’s mission, signaling its potential for impact. Chatter is set to host an exclusive Creator Call with over 3,000 creators worldwide before its official launch.

Only time will tell if Chatter will stand the test if time. Or it will fizzle away like social media platforms like Vine and Linda Ikeji Social. l

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