Dave East – What Ya’ll Want

Dave East What Yall Want

There is no stopping East these days. The rapper established himself as a formidable MC but he’s also showcased his talents on the runway and on the TV screen, as well. However, in the midst of pursuing ventures outside of music, fans received little to no new music from the rapper. Thankfully, he’s back in go-mode with a flurry of new music that he’s dropped off in recent times.

Over the weekend, the rapper unveiled another installment in the fan-favorite EastMix series titled, “What Ya’ll Want.” This time, he takes on Ruff Ryders’ Latin-influenced production on “What Ya Want” ft and Nokio with Harlem on his back. On his latest release, East takes it back to his block with cautionary tales of maneuvering through the streets and dodging troubles with the laws.

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