Dave East – Uncle Ric ft. Benny The Butcher

Dave East Uncle Ric ft. Benny The Butcher
East Uncle Ric ft.

East and are set to deliver their upcoming collaborative album Hoffa, a project that features guest appearances from Curren$y, Benny The Butcher, French Montana, Jim Jones, and more. Not long after setting the tone with the lead single “Diamonds,” East has returned with another glimpse at what’s to come with “Uncle Ric,” a nostalgic dose of mafioso rap featuring Benny The Butcher.

Off the bat, Fraud’s production sets a classy and dangerous tone, one that should please fans of hip-hop’s golden era. Over a blend of flute and arpeggiated guitar, East sets it off with a coldhearted verse. “My only question is how you tolerate it?” he raps. “I’m always gon’ get back to the struggle ’cause I feel obligated / ni*gas ain’t wanna make a change until they heard Obama say it.”

holds it down with the second verse, his butcher’s knife yet to dull despite its frequent usage. “Ni**as took our manual, tearin’ out pages,” he raps, no stranger to Fraud’s production. “Put us on lists and comparin’ our greatness / But I’m like, “Mike, I feel like ni*gas couldn’t ball in the era I played in.”

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