Dave – Clash ft. Stormzy

Dave Clash ft. Stormzy
Dave Clash ft. Stormzy

A few weeks after hinting at a Stromzy collaboration on Instagram, Dave fulfilled it. “Clash,” the first track released from WE’RE ALL ALONE IN THIS TOGETHER, boasts both South London-based rappers gliding across some heavy-hearted keys, all the while its accompanying video shows them walking around the Aston Martin headquarters in Warwickshire.

Dave, clad in this wildly colorful Louis Vuitton fur, is surrounded by a dizzying number of cars in his lot upon the start of the video, going off for a hard-hitting hook that hypebeasts and horologists will relish in, rapping “Jordan 4’s or Jordan 1’s, Rolexes, got more than one / My AP cost thirty-one, millimeters forty-one,” showing off his best Future impression. You know, if Future was British.

On the feature front, Stormzy has himself a solid showing as well, tying in answer to the biggest question this video leaves viewers with: “Dave’s got the new Aston Martin plug, could you send me one? He said “No need to be rentin’ one.” Seriously, once you see how many Aston’s are in front of this dude’s party, this will make a lot more sense.

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