Dare Art Alade Visits Sound Sultan’s Grave, Asks Forgiveness

dare art alade sound saltan

Nigerian singer-songwriter Dare Art Alade recently shared an emotional moment visiting the grave of his late colleague Sound Sultan for the first time since his passing.

In a video posted to Instagram, Dare is seen placing flowers at Sound Sultan’s burial site and breaking down in tears. He apologizes for not coming sooner and asks Sound Sultan’s spirit for forgiveness.

He wrote:

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Dare had been overseas at the time of Sultan’s death and expressed regret at not being able to pay respects before now. His raw moment at the graveside underscores Sound Sultan’s profound impact on Nigeria’s music community.

Watch video below:

While composing himself, Dare goes on to honor Sound Sultan’s musical genius and kind spirit, telling fans how much he meant to him.

The heartfelt tribute received an outpouring of sympathy from fans, praising Dare for his humility. The video underscores that even a year later, Sound Sultan’s loss is still profoundly felt.

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