DaBaby’s Visit: M.I Abaga And Journalist Joey Akan In Heated Exchange On Twitter

M.I Abaga Joey Akan

Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga, and journalist Joey Akan are currently trending on Twitter after they took to the platform to throw jabs at each other.

The drama started after the music critic took to Twitter to shade Nigerian rappers after none of them met with American rapper when he came to Nigeria to shoot a music video with Davido.

The shade was apparently aimed at MI Abaga and after they lashed out over the absence of rappers at the Live In Concert in Nigeria last month.

M.I, who came across the shady tweet about ’s visit didn’t take it well and decided to engage him in back and forth dragging.

In one tweet, the rapper branded the Journalist as ‘insecure’ and claimed he was insulting ‘people to feel better.’ He also went on to call him an “enemy” of the community and told him he was no longer welcome in “Nigeria’s hip-hop community.”

Joey Akan in one of his tweets, claimed that he stood up to M.I multiple times when he wanted to use him to attack an artist. He also accused the rapper of ruining the careers of several artists in the industry.

See their exchange below.

Joey Akan Tweet

MI Abaga Tweet

Joey Akan Tweet 1

MI Abaga Tweet 1

Joey Akan Tweet 3

MI Abaga Tweet 2

Joey Akan Tweet 4

Joey Akan Tweet 5

Joey Akan Tweet 6

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