DaBaby – Trickin

dababy trickin

DaBaby is someone who has gone through some ups and downs over the last couple of years. Overall, his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud did him no favors. Furthermore, fans fell out of love with him as they felt like his songs began sounding the same. However, in recent months, the artist has been on a comeback of sorts. With some viral hits in his rearview mirror, fans are starting to warm up to the rapper again. It’s been a solid few months for him, and he wants to keep the momentum.

In order to keep up this momentum, DaBaby has decided to drop yet another single. However, this time around, he is throwing it back with a sample and a sound that most people wouldn’t expect. The track is called “Trickin'” and there is no doubt that this song will polarize some fans. Some will love the direction that the artist is going in here, while others are going to be a bit taken aback by what they are hearing.

No matter what, this song is filled with braggadocios and hedonistic bars that are fairly commonplace for DaBaby. Additionally, he does a good job of sliding over some production that he otherwise isn’t very accustomed to. He is making some very interesting choices here, and you have to commend the risks.


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