DaBaby – Peaches & Eggplants

dababy peaches and eggplant e1693938390935

There are still some fans and critics who are checking out from DaBaby’s music. Most of the reasons behind this are people feeling he is not trying to switch up his flows and production choices. The Cleveland-born star is also starting to lose interest due to his lengthy history of homosexual comments that he first made back at Rolling Loud Miami in 2021. Overall though, there is no denying the Charlotte, North Carolina product can rap. This can be taken back all the way to when he first blew up in 2019.

His debut project, Baby On Baby, featured a lot of skills the artist had at his disposal. From songs like “Suge,” “Baby Sitter,” and “Goin Baby,” the buzz around him was massive. He continued his rising dominance on the charts with “ROCKSTAR,” “BOP,” and so many others. He can produce the hits, and he is a terrific freestyler. Most likely DaBaby’s most well-known off-the-dome rapping can be found in the clip below.

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