Cynthia Morgan Reacts To Ongoing Controversy Surrounding Mohbad’s Death

Cynthia Morgan Asampo

Cynthia Morgan, a popular Nigerian singer, has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding the death of Mohbad, a young artist who was allegedly bullied till his passing in late 2023.

In a statement posted on her Instagram story, Cynthia Morgan expressed her thoughts on the situation and the recent calls for justice. In her statement, Cynthia Morgan wrote, “Mohbad was bullied to his death right in front of everyone. Now you all are shouting justice kinikan. Now you guys have started bullying baba Mohbad. So you mean Mohbad’s father is lying about all these things? Take for instance, he is a rich man, will his daughter-in-law dare say she would not go for DNA? Ceasar to ceasar, God to God.”

The statement has sparked a heated debate among social media users, with some agreeing with Cynthia Morgan’s perspective and others criticizing her for her comments. The Mohbad case has been a topic of discussion in Nigeria, with many calling for justice for the young man and others questioning the motives of those involved.

Cynthia Morgan’s statement adds a new dimension to the conversation, as she raises questions about the credibility of the claims made by Mohbad’s father and the potential for bullying in the case. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the public will respond to Cynthia Morgan’s comments and what impact they will have on the ongoing debate.

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