Cynthia Morgan Calls for DNA Test, Accuses Father Of Wanting To Destroy Her Image

Cynthia Morgan 1

Nigerian dancehall artist Cynthia Morgan is demanding a DNA test from a man claiming to be her biological father.

In a heated social media post, Cynthia alleges this individual has been spreading lies about her to extended family.

She further accuses him of attempting to gain media access to “destroy her image.”

Cynthia maintains that a true father would understand his daughter’s pain. By questioning paternity, she hopes to invalidate the damaging rumors circulating about her personal life and career.

This follows years of a turbulent relationship between the two since Cynthia rose to fame with hits like “Don’t Break My Heart.” She has implied a strained upbringing.

While the singer did not divulge specifics on what this alleged father has been accusing her of, she adamantly defends her character. Cynthia remains resilient, asking fans to ignore fabricated stories.

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