Curren$y- AD6

Curreny AD6
Curren$y AD6

Curren$y is one of the most consistent artists out here and whenever he drops a project, fans get excited. His Pilot Talk series always seems to bring the hits, and on Friday, Curren$y provided us with the perfect early Christmas gift in the form of Pilot Talk 4. The mixtape is mostly carried by himself, however, there is one song that features Jay Electronica, or we at least thought it did. “AD6” is a standout on the mixtape and if you were to go to YouTube, you could find the version with Jay Elec. On the official release, however, the only artist here is Curren$y himself.

Regardless, the artist does a fantastic job carrying the song as we get some dope bars, all while Curren$y raps over some lavish production. From the horns to the bass, there is a lot going on here and it comes together in a truly fantastic way. If you’ve got some time away from the family today, definitely give this new song a spin.

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