Connor Price – Million Cash

Connor Price , Million Cash

For those who may not know, Connor Price has been bubbling in the Canadian music scene. The multitalented artist has been putting work in as an independent. He racked up an impressive amount of streams this year, and he is looking to take his music to the next level. Overall, this is no easy task. However, if you can secure some big collaborations, then you can definitely get the ball rolling. Well, today, Price dropped his newest collab with the likes of Armani White, who is also having a very nice year.

Given the artists who are on this song, you can expect that there is a lot of energy in this song. Price is someone known for his laidback yet hungry flows that are paired with some heavy production. On “Million Cash,” that is exactly what we get. However, this time, he has something to prove. He feels as though his accomplishments aren’t being taken seriously enough, and he makes sure to get that point across.

As for Armani White, he delivered yet another spirited verse. If the viral song “Billie Eilish” proved anything, it is that he is an artist who is eager to prove just how good he is. There is a lot of room for him to grow, and with features like this, he will continue to get seen by new fans. Not to mention, there is some great chemistry here.


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