Comethazine – Spinback

Comethazine Spinback
Comethazine Spinback

Comethazine is looking for revenge on his new single. Titled “Spinback,” Comethazine’s latest, and characteristically brief, track finds the 2019 XXL Freshman desperately eager to settle the score. In the song’s hook, Comethazine makes it clear that whatever beef he has with his adversaries is far from finished, and he urges them to “please spin back.”

“Spinback” serves as the first single from Comethazine’s upcoming album, Comethazine The Album, and it also arrives alongside a haunting music video that is shot, directed, and edited by the East St. Louis artist. After walking down a dark alley, Comethazine is shot by a group of people, and he performs the track while bleeding out on the street and while being transported in an EMS vehicle.

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